It’s Boutique Travel Not a Trip

Disposable income, the internet and wanderlust make happy bedfellows. As flight travel shrinks the world, getting to the more remote places and doing something different on vacation is a growing market.

Where someone has gone before

Let’s face it whatever they call themselves they are travel agents, but a boutique travel agent will supposedly get you an entrĂ© into something a little more sophisticated, a little off-beat and something a little different.

Boutique agents will work out cruise packages essex fells which will build in something special or a little different – something that allows you a certain bragging right.

Bucket list

But there is a space in the market for someone who understands the business. Imagine for a moment that there is something you really want to do. It’s tempting to suggest climb Everest, but there’s a destination undergoing renovation.

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But think of something along those lines, exotic, different, with physical and geographic challenges as well language problems and climate differences.

Doesn’t it make sense to go with someone who has already been there?

It’s a matter of Trust

The key to doing something that is so far beyond your own comfort zone that thinking about it makes you queasy, is that to do it you have to go to the other side of the world, where there is no English. The boutique agent has got your back.

High Expectations

If you’re doing a bucket list type trip you will be paying a premium, so it is reasonable to expect a high level of care. The agent may even accompany you to make sure your trip is seamless. If they do, you’re paying for them to have a great time. So, don’t feel shy about asking for what you want. After all, it is on your dollar.